An Easy-to-Learn and Super fast Chinese input method
   Typing Chinese character can be much easier!
   Easy-To-Learn with Chinese Characters educational features
   Automatic Phrase Momory enables you to type chinese characters within much shorter time.
                     1/2 month Free Trial Period      

Introduction:Super fast, intelligent Chinese input method(International edition supports various language of Window(R) 10, Window(R) 8.1, Window(R) 8, Window(R) 7, Windows(R) XP)

Product Specifications: PC Version Specification

《Input speed comparison》
PC Fast Version:
Chinese input no longer a difficult job!
Clicks required to input 『高科技業者的新發展』:
 a.微X注音:         type25times
 b.微X新注音:        type28times
 c.自X輸入法:        type28times
 d.便捷 XP 加速版(鍵盤模式): type12times
 e.便捷 XP 加速版(滑鼠模式): click10times
PDA Fast version:
This input method provides a much easier way to Edit Chinese E-mail and documents.
 Cofast input first time:ㄧㄥ
  (Required to click 7 times,It will remember the phrase typed and will display
  the phase next time it is used.)
 Cofast input second time:
  (Required to click 5 times)
 微X注音:need to click17times

  Cofast Chinese XP 7.0 Internatioal edition       Cofast Chinese PinYin XP 8.0 Internatioal edition
Steps to order our products:
  1.Fill in order form.
  2.Pay the amount
  3.Verify payment → Send Authorization code by E-mail → Self Product Registration
   → Start using the product.

Product description and price:
  (A)PC Windows(R) 10 Education Version(30 days free trial)
   (1)Cofast Win10 2.0 Education Version (64 bit & 32 bit).

     (Supports Zhuyin, Pinyin, Traditional Chinese Characters, Simplified Chinese Characters and prounciation

     (Supports Windows(R) 7, Windows(R) 8, Windows(R) 8.1, Windows(R) 10)
     (Only NT$990 (About US$32.67) for full 64-bit & 32-bit version, which can be installed on one computer).

  (B)PC Windows(R) 10 Version(30 days free trial)
   (1)Cofast Win10 1.0 Zhuyin Version (64 bit & 32 bit)

     (Supports Zhuyin and Traditional Chinese Characters)
     (Supports Windows(R) 7, Windows(R) 8, Windows(R) 8.1, Windows(R) 10)
     (Only NT$549 (About US$18.12) for full 64-bit & 32-bit version, which can be installed on one computer)

  (C)PC Windows XP Versions:(Provides 60 days evaluation period)
   (1)Cofast Chinese input method PinYin XP 8.0 Internatioal edition
     (Supports Zhuyin, Pinyin, Traditional Chinese Characters and Simplified Chinese Characters).
     (Good news: Only NT$769 (about USD$25.38) for one authorization code)

   (2)Cofast Chinese input method XP 7.0 Internatioal edition
     (Supports Zhuyin and Traditional Chinese Characters).
     (Good news: Only NT$549 (about USD$18.12) for one authorization code)

* This input method suits the devices which has "touch screen without keyboard" best, such as PDA, Tablet PC, UMPC, PDA phone, Electronic Dictionary, IA devices ... etc. co-operations are welcome.

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