Product Specification

(B)Cofast Win 8 1.0 Version, COFASTW810(32-bit),COFASTW810x64(64-bit)

   Supported Operating Systems:Windows(R) 7,BWindows(R) 8 and Windows(R) 8.1.
   Language:Traditional Chinese
   Files:COFASTW810.EXE(32-bit), COFASTW810x64.EXE(64-bit).
   Versions:1.0 Zhuyin Version
   Size:Approximately 900 KB
   Chinese Charset:Unicode (Traditional Chinese Characters, Simplified Characters and Japanese Characters).
   Software Category:Shareware
   Hardware Requirement:No special hardware requirement.
   Operating methodTouchscreen, Mouse.

Cofast Win8 1.0 Input Method Function Highlights

 1.Succession Characters: AchieveInput a Character at a click, makes Chinese Input Faster.

 2.Automatic memorisation of Succcession Characters:Memorisation of input sequences into succession character database to allow intelligent succession Chinese Character Input.

 3.Speedy Input:Displaying many characters belong to phonetic symbol simultaneously.

 4.Standard Zhuyin Keyboard:Easy to learn for those who are familiar with Zhuyin Keyboard.

 5.Two-line Keyobard: Decrease the size of keyboard

 6.Standard English alphanumeric keyboard:Able to input English Alphabets and Numeric Character.

 7.Magnification of Characters:Magnify the characters from 1 to 3.3 times to suit for various users.

 8.Supports light gray base colour:Suitable for vision-impaired users.

 9.Supports Unicode Traditional Chinese Characters

 10.Assisted-Character Selection:Input Chinese Characters in minimum two clicks even with inaccurate phonetic decomposition.

 11.Input Chinese punctuation symbols directly:Also provides Japanese Characters Input

 12.Display Similiar Prounciation Characters SimultaneouslyAllowing input of Chinese Character of similiar prounciation simultaneously.

 13.Custom Chinese PhrasesAllow you to create custom Chinese phrases for ease of input later.
The custom phrases can be used immediately after it has been created and the custom phrases database can be copied to other computer for more portability.

 14.Able to memorise characters based on the frequency of inputMskes input Chinese characters smarter.

 15.Ablility to minimise keyboard:The keyboard can be minimised to 2x2 grid when required.

 16.Characters in the custom phrase window can be magnified to desired size to suit the visual taste of the user.

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